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Unique Cremation Jewelry

One sweet way to cherish the loss of a loved one is with a piece of unique cremation jewelry. Whether you want to help someone to honor a family member who has passed, a beloved friend, or a dear pet, we offer a creative selection of unique cremation jewelry for you to choose from. We offer ash jewelry, urn pendants, and other elegant cremation jewelry to reflect love in a stylish and beautiful way.

Hold your loved one close to your heart with your own personal and unique cremation jewelry item. Please let us know if you have any questions.

Our cremation necklaces and pendants come in a variety of different shapes and designs. The descriptions below can help you learn more about the features that our assortment of unique cremation jewelry has to offer.

Universal Features

Each pendant and necklace provides a secure compartment to house cremation ashes, dried memorial flowers, or burial soil. Each selection is made with sterling silver, and you have the option of choosing a 24-inch or 20-inch chain. If you already have a chain, you can also opt to exclude it. Each jewelry piece comes with instructions, a funnel, and sealant for secure storage.


Our heart-shaped necklaces come in three different varieties, including a hybrid heart-and-cross pendant.

Crosses and Angel Wings

Along with the heart-and-cross pendant, our cross-shaped pendants featured two additional varieties that can provide a friend or family member with a sense of spiritual comfort. Our angel wing pendant can help a loved one feel a sense of spiritual protection from the spirit of departed friend or family member.

Symbolic Animals

There are a number of animal-shaped selections that represent the safe passage and spiritual peace that departed loved one experiences in the afterlife. Our unique selections include symbolic butterflies, doves and fish that you can choose from.

Dog and Cat Cremation Jewelry

Our paw-print and dog-bone urn pendant are perfect memorial pieces to offer in the case of a departed dog or cat. They allow your loved ones to keep a vestige of the animal companion with them even after they have passed on.

Don't hesitate to browse through these thoughtful and unique cremation jewelry pieces that can help a grieving friend or family member find comfort and peace.