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Our line of heart and angel wings memorial gifts includes a variety of different messages of sympathy and designs that you can use to help a friend or family member in a time of loss.

Remembrance Stones

Each one of our heart-shaped, angel wings memorial stones can be a perfect addition to a loved one's memorial garden, gravesite or other remembrance area. Their convenient size also fits perfectly in the home, and the weatherproof, cast stone concrete material grants these gifts enhanced durability and a long lifespan. Each selection comes with a different message of sympathy that honors the memory of a departed friend, family member, or pet.


Our memorial ornaments give a friend or family member the opportunity to honor a lost loved one at home during festive holidays, at commemorative events, or throughout the year. Each ornament comes with its own unique set of comforting words and a special compartment you can use to attach it to a hanger, ribbon, or necklace chain.


Our necklace pendant featuring angel wings with a heart is a perfect way for a loved one to feel a sense of continuous connection to someone they have lost. The necklace is made with sterling silver and features an 18-inch chain. In addition, the gift box features a thoughtful and compassionate poem that reminds your loved one of their eventual reunion with their lost companion.

The heart and angel wings line of sympathy gifts is versatile and can help your friends and family members honor the memory of their lost loved ones in a variety of different ways. We encourage you to take a close look at these special items to help you offer comfort to a grieving loved one.