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Dog Memorial Stones

When a beloved pet leaves this world, it can leave an aching in your heart. Fortunately, a dog memorial stone is a great way to help celebrate the life of your dog beautifully and satisfyingly.

We offer dog memorial stones that can be used as grave markers, garden stones, and household decor that can serve as unique reminders of your late furry friend. Our memorial stones come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors so that you'll be able to find the perfect stone to honor your beloved canine.

Dog grave stones can help to create lasting memories of your late dog while proclaiming to the world that they were here. We have simple marker stones that say a few solemn words of remembrance. These simple items are constructed of cast stone concrete, so you can be assured that they will withstand the weather for a lifetime. Most grave markers weigh around 3 pounds and are 11 inches by 6 inches in size.

For those who would rather have a more personalized touch, we offer a customized grave marker that allows for three full lines of script. Each line can contain up to 20 characters, including spaces. Many people prefer to include a short phrase, their late dog's name, and their date of birth and death.

Many dog owners find it soothing to invest in a memorial stone to pay tribute to their late dog. Our memorials include verses that honor your dog, including "Dogs Leave Paw Prints on Our Hearts", "No Longer By My Side... But Forever in My Heart", and "In Memory of a Faithful Friend and Companion". You can even choose a dog memorial stone that has paw prints, a halo, or other visuals that help to provide a unique accolade to your late dog.

Our memorial stones for dogs range in price from $24.99 up to $119.99. Our biggest products are sized at 15.25 inches by 10.5 inches and weigh about 8.5 pounds. All of our stones are custom-made here in the United States. Right now, we're offering free shipping on all of our products.

We all know that man's best friend always lives on in our hearts even after they’re no longer with us here on earth. A great gift to help heal your heart and create an everlasting salute to your furry friend is a personalized tribute stone.