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Angel Memorials

Heart to Heart Sympathy Gifts offers a wide variety of memorial angel themed gifts. They are a serene addition to any indoor decor or a focal point in a garden. A memorial angel statue serves as a tranquil presence in a memorial garden. Additional memorial angel choices for an outdoor setting include sympathy wind chimes and garden stones.

Our selection include water globes, statuettes, memory stones, windchimes or musical globes. Some are enscribed with beautiful, appropriate verses and thoughts. You can also find gifts personalized for the loss of a parent, a grandparent, a child, or another loved one. Angels are always near, and angel remembrances will be the perfect way to keep loved ones forever with us.

Many faiths regard angels as bringers of good tidings and a comforting connection with loved ones who have left us. Whether chosen as a gift for the bereaved, or by someone who has experienced the loss, angel memorials can be a personalized way of inscribing the loved one's memory on your heart and mind.

Angels are a source of comfort during times of suffering since they represent protectors, love, faith, and messengers of God. Indoor angel memorials include: figurines with comforting inscriptions, angel ornaments that can be displayed year-round, or water globes placed in an area to be seen daily, such as desktops or nightstands.

Angel memorials make beautiful sympathy gifts, or serve as a sweet way for you to remember your loved one. Angel gifts can be personalized with names and dates. Memorial angels also come in an array of forms: As you review the angel memorials, you’ll feel which one is right for the loss you are honoring.