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Memorial Lanterns & Candles

Enjoy the warm memories that flood back to your mind when you light our memorial lanterns. Specialized with inspiring verses and images, this unique item offers a bright tribute to the legacy of your lost loved one.

We offer a wide variety of condolence candle styles and colors. From singular remembrance pillars and sturdy metal hanging torches to unique memory spheres and stone tri-candle holders, you'll be sure to find the perfect product to bring alive the memory of your loved one.

Memorial Candles

Our remembrance candles range from $23.99 for pillars up to $59.99 for high-quality and durable torches. Our memory candles are offered in a variety of colors, including white, wood-toned, and black, so you'll be sure to find one that fits.

All of our condolence candles come with a unique message that helps to enlighten and remind its viewers about your departed loved one. Enjoy short and sweet messages like "Always and Forever in Our Hearts", " Your Light Shines in Our Hearts", and "Now in God's Hands, Still in Our Hearts". Or, opt for our longer verses that will have you stop and take in the meaning of your loved one's contribution to your life-long journey.

A sympathy candle can be a tranquil token of remembrance to share with those around you. You can choose from a variety of messages and tributes, such as for a father or mother. Many of our sympathy candles come delivered in a unique and attractive gift box.

Memory Lanterns

Most of our lanterns for funerals are constructed with LED lights for safe and long-lasting use. Some have flameless lights that are on a timer so that you never have to worry about turning it off. Most of our LED lights run on AAA batteries (not included). Each memorial lantern is constructed of quality metal that will last both inside and out. It will even have a hanging loop that will allow you to secure the lantern in a hanging position (Optional Hanger available).

Giving a memorial lantern as a gift allows you to show your support and offer a tangible reminder of the lasting impact their loved one had on the world. It's a thoughtful gesture that can provide comfort and solace in a difficult time.

Most of our candles and other illumination products ship the same or the next business day. Each gift ships Priority Mail and comes with our 30-day money-back guarantee. Uniquely honor the loved one that you've lost with the illumination of one of our memorial candles or lanterns.

Lighting A Candle In Remembrance

Our memorial lanterns and memory candles are perfect for home use or to add a solemn tone to any funeral or viewing services. These beautiful lanterns offer an opportunity to celebrate the life of your lost loved one in a fresh and memorable way. These products make the perfect decor for funerals. The external flame of a memorial candle helps to brighten even the saddest of times and reminds us of all that there's being beyond death.

In addition to their use for funerals and home decor, our lanterns also make thoughtful and comforting sympathy gifts for those grieving the loss of a loved one. They can be lit during special occasions in remembrance or nightly as a comforting light in honor of your loved one. Our lanterns and candles are also versatile and can be used in a variety of settings such as religious services, memorial services, and celebrations of life. Memorial lanterns can serve as a symbol of hope and a reminder that the light of our loved ones will always shine on.