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Memorial Wind Chimes

Memorial wind chimes are a thoughtful way to express your sympathy to someone who has lost a loved one. We offer a range of beautiful-sounding chimes featuring personalized engravings, cardinals, angels, angel wings, or heart shapes. The wind chimes are special remembrance keepsakes that will last for years to come. Browse below and personalize on the product page.


Wind Chimes For Funerals

Many people show their sympathy with greeting cards or flowers, which is sure to be appreciated by the survivors. However, these sympathy gifts are temporary while memorial wind chimes are long lasting. Memorial wind chimes are a tangible item that can then be placed in the home or at the grave of the person or pet who passed away. The person receiving your gift of memory chimes is sure to appreciate listening to its sweet tune after the funeral.

When selecting sympathy wind chimes as a funeral gift, consider the personality of the person who passed. Select a sentimental verse on the chime that best expresses your feelings of condolences or is reminiscent of their character.

Our remembrance wind chime selection includes personalized memorial wind chimes with custom inscriptions or engraved words of sympathy. Create custom personalized memorial wind chimes by adding your own special verse or quote on the two-sided wind sails. The high-quality aluminum construction allows for durability and years of use.

Are Memorial Wind Chimes a Meaningful Sympathy Gift?

Wind chimes for sympathy are traditionally meaningful. There have been different forms of them in society for almost as long as there have been humans on earth. While the use of them varies from one culture to another, one thing about them has remained consistent, which is that they provide a sense of contentment, peace and overall wellbeing to those who hear them.

Sound and musical tones affect the mind and spirit. When someone's heart is grieving, musical tones may provide comfort and peace. Research scientists and spiritual guides have observed the power of music on people. By offering memorial wind chimes as a sympathy gift, you offer the recipient musical moments of peace.

Memorial chimes are a gentle reminder of someone who is loved. When a gentle breeze shifts the tines, chimes can be a quiet reminder of the person or pet who is lost, a reminder that may bring a smile to the face of the survivor as they remember the dear one who passed away.

People have hung wind chimes for thousands of years, confirming how effective they are at offering solace for the human soul. They are a gentle memorial and a sweet way to remember those who have passed on. This type of memory item is likely to provide the gift of a memory smile years after the loss.