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Forever in our Hearts

Send your condolences with our wide variety of gift choices of the "Forever in Our Hearts" sympathy quote. Comfort the grief stricken and let them know that their loved one will never be forgotten and will be forever in your heart.

The sympathy gifts containing the "Forever in our Hearts" poem serve a variety of similar and different uses. Look at the descriptions below to help you pick the perfect gift to honor the memory of a friend or family member's deceased loved one.

Angel Statues

With memorial angel statues, you can provide a totem that helps individuals retain a spiritual connection with a departed friend, family member, or pet. They can provide an assurance that the deceased is protected. These angels are perfect for gravesites, memorial gardens, or household remembrance emblems.

Lanterns, Candles & Candle Holders

Our flameless lanterns and candles are reusable gifts of sympathy that are perfect for death anniversaries, holidays, and commemorative events. Each battery-powered device comes with six hours of continuous light that can be set using a built-in timer. Candle holders come with a variety of different designs that display the light in different and unique ways.

Memorial Stones & Benches

Crafted in the United States, our durable and long-lasting memorial stones and benches provide weather-resistant monuments that are ensured to endure in a variety of different conditions. Many selections provide personalized engraving options that allow you to include additional words of comfort alongside the "Forever in our Hearts" message. They are wonderful additions to a memorial garden or gravesite.


Our personalized Forever in my Heart memorial locket contains a version of the poem that allows your friend or family member to keep the memory of the loved one they lost close to them. Each locket allows for three 19-character lines of personalized words of comfort.

Picture Frames

Our freestanding and hangable picture frames are perfect ways to further home with the loving memory of the departed friend or family member. Providing your loved one with multiple frames can give them a variety of ways to fill their household with the comforting presence of the departed.


Remembrance ornaments are perfect gifts for household commemoration of a departed loved one. You can hang them from Christmas trees during the holidays and other areas of the house that a friend or family member would like to fill with their lost loved one's presence.

The "In Our Hearts Forever Remembrance Photo" ornament includes a verse from the poem with a special compartment that houses a picture of the departed friend, family member or pet. This ornament can also include an ornament stand that is perfect for hanging this one-of-a-kind token.

Wind Chimes

Memorial wind chimes give your friends or family members a soothing way to remember the departed loved ones every time the wind blows. Many of our wind chimes allow for four 19-character lines of engraved, personalized words that you can include with the sympathy gift. They are excellent for hanging from household patios, gardens, front gates, or trees.

Whatever gift you choose, a heartfelt beautiful-sounding symbol of your support can mean all the difference in the world to someone who has lost a close companion or family member. Don't hesitate to take a look at our variety of options to help you show your compassion and care for a friend or family member's loss.