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Each one of our gifts featuring the "If Tears Could Build a Stairway" poem can be used for home-based or ceremonial purposes. The descriptions below can give you some ideas on how they can help you support a friend or family member who has lost a loved one.

Memorial Keepsake Music Box

Our memorial keepsake music box featuring the poem gives your loved ones a secure and comforting place to store memorabilia and important mementos belonging to a lost friend, family member, or pet. The keepsake box comes with a nameplate and up to three lines of personalized text that you can include. You can add an extra layer of personalization by including a photo with this special memorial gift.

Memorial Wind Chimes

Memorial chimes can help a friend or family member recall the welcome and peaceful presence of a departed loved one each time the wind blows. Our 44-inch wind chimes include the "If Tears Could Build a Stairway" poem and additional sympathy messages on each tube. You'll also have the option to include four 19-character lines of personalized text with these sympathy wind chimes.

Memorial Stones & Benches

Each one of our memorial stones and benches makes a perfect gift to include in a memorial garden, beside a gravesite, or in any other setting where your loved ones would like to commemorate the life of someone they lost. Many stones and benches offer the option to include three 19-character lines of personalized text. Each one of the selections is also made with weatherproof material that can withstand a variety of different environments and changing conditions.

Memorial Candle Holders

Both of our candle holders that feature the "If Tears Could Build a Stairway" poem are fashioned with weatherproof, cast stone concrete. These durable candle holders are perfect for both indoor use and outdoor commemorative events.

Be sure to give yourself some time to take a closer look at the variety of gifts we have available to provide empathy with this thoughtful and comforting poem.