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Celebration of Life Gift Ideas

Celebration of Life Gift Ideas

To assist in personalizing a memorial service or Celebration of Life service, we have compiled a list of several memorial tributes to honor the memory of a life well lived.

Memory Board - Memory boards are used to enhance the personalization of a memorial service. Choose memorabilia and keepsakes in remembrance of the loved one. Memory boards typically display a photo collage but can include other items of remembrance, such as newspaper articles, special awards or achievements, medals, letters, and military honors.

Video Slideshow - Include a video montage of cherished life moments and experiences of a loved one. Use treasured photos, documents, and audio/video files for the most comprehensive slideshow. Add music and a storyline to complete the personalization.

Dove Release - Add an inspirational experience with a dove release. Doves are symbolic for eternal peace, hope, love, and the spirit of the soul. Dove releases represent the final journey for the spirit and assists mourners in symbolically releasing a loved one.

Remembrance Cards - Distribute index cards to attendees of the service and have them share special memories, thoughts, or stories related to the deceased. These words of comfort can then be stored by the family and will become treasured keepsakes for generations.

Plantable Seed Cards - Distribute plantable seed cards or flower seeds to guests in memory of the loved one. The cards are embedded with seeds and serve as a unique remembrance for the attendees. You can include notes with the seeds such as:
Plant This In Memory of Name of Deceased
In Celebration of Name of Deceased Life
"Name of Deceased" - A Life So Beautifully Lived

Scrapbook - If time permits, a scrapbook can be created which chronicles the life of the loved one. Document important and treasured events with a pictorial history. Prior to the memorial service, gather family of all ages to share photos and memories that can be written within the scrapbook. Include keepsakes such as ticket stubs, newspaper articles, or letters.

Memory Box / Shadow Box - Store memorabilia and keepsakes within a memory box or shadow box (easily purchased at local craft stores). Many are compartmentalized and can be used to display collections or any remembrance to commemorate the life of a loved one.

Memorial Garden - Create a backyard memorial garden with family and friends to honor the life of a loved one. Whether choosing a secluded area within the yard or an area that can be seen from within the home, a memorial garden becomes an area of remembrance and reflection for all to share in. Incorporate flowers with special significance or favorite colors of the person honored and include any keepsake of comfort within the garden. This may include garden stones, wind chimes, angel statues, or garden markers. For further information, see Memorial or Memory Garden Ideas.

Tree Planting - If there is limited space available for a memorial garden, or if the upkeep is not possible, an alternative is to plant a tree instead. This living memorial is a meaningful way to remember a loved one by providing an enduring remembrance for generations.

Online Memorial - For those out-of-towners that are unable to attend the Celebration of Life service, offering an online memorial allows them to also remember and celebrate in the life of a loved one. Those attending the memorial service can add their special memories online to share with others. Many online tributes allow for personalization with music, photos, diaries, messages, and unique designs.