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Memory Boxes / Music Keepsake Boxes

Express your condolences with a memorial box. Each keepsake memory box features a touching verse and stores special treasured mementos of your loved one. And each keepsake music box offers a soothing, meaningful song of comfort.

To customize your music keepsake box, see our personalized memorial boxes.

Once you choose a memorial box, many of our bereavement boxes come with the option of personalization. Add a special touch to a gift by personalizing a nameplate with a custom engraved message.

Search through our selection of memorial keepsake box options to find the sympathy gift which best express your condolences.

When a friend or a family member is grieving the loss of a loved one, one of the best ways to help them honor the departed's memory is with a keepsake box. Memorial keepsake music boxes allow individuals to store precious items that hold significance to the life and memory of a lost loved one. Below are descriptions of different types of sympathy boxes that can help a loved one cherish the memory of someone they lost.

A Memorial Box for the Loss of a Mother

Memorial keepsake boxes that honor the loss of a mother come in a variety of different qualities and features. With our keepsake boxes, you have the option to include a personalized engraved message that pays homage to the love and compassion that a person's mom represents. If you aren't quite sure of what to write in a personalized message, you can also choose a keepsake box that features one of our preselected thoughtful poems, such as "The Broken Chain" by Ron Tranmer. These keepsake boxes include a heartwarming condolence message honoring a departed mother.

A Memorial Box for the Loss of a Father

A memorial keepsake box for the loss of a father will include a special message that references the memory of a father that has passed away. Many of our selections include the option to choose three 19-character lines of personalized words of comfort and condolences. These lines can be used to include the name of the deceased, time of birth and death, and a heartfelt message of recognition for the departed father.

A Sympathy Box for the Loss of a Child

Losing a child is perhaps one of the most heartbreaking experiences that a person can ever go through. Memorial keepsake boxes for the loss of an infant or child give a grieving parent the opportunity to keep the memory of their child alive. These boxes also allow for engravable and personalized options for the child's name and heartfelt, compassionate words of comfort. Our selections also come with condolence poems that can provide much-needed comfort for a grieving parent.

Memorial Boxes for Any Occasion

In addition to the above keepsake boxes, we offer a sympathy box that you can give for the loss of a pet, friend, aunt or uncle, or any other close companion of a grieving loved one. Like the above boxes, there are a variety of selections that allow for custom, personalized words that you can include.

To help a friend or family member honor and preserve the memory of a lost loved one, we hope you can find the perfect thoughtful keepsake music box. Please reach out to us if you have any questions.