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Pet Memorial Gifts

Losing a pet can feel like losing a human friend or loved one. In those situations, pet memorial gifts can help ease the pain of the loss and let people focus on the good times they had with their animals: the long walks, the baths, the backyard playtimes, the cuddles on the couch.

Indeed, when such memories come to mind, dogs and cats can once again make their owners smile. If you're looking for a gift for someone who lost a pet, we offer many options so you'll first have to narrow down your pet memorial ideas. That's because pet remembrance gifts come in such a wide range of sizes and styles.

Memorial stones for pets are similar to gravestones for human beings. These gifts can be engraved with a pet's name, year of birth, year of death, or an image. For instance, they might depict a paw print or the pet's adorable face. Such a gift can feature a brief epitaph, too.

A pet memorial stone is an elegant addition to a yard or garden. Plus, these stones let people share the memory of their deceased pet with many others. With such a product, the pet can remain a faithful companion, just as it was throughout its life.

Pieces of jewelry also make for thoughtful pet memorials. Pendant necklaces, for example, can be engraved with an animal's name. A person could even keep a pet's ashes inside a pendant, thus keeping the animal close throughout the day.

Picture frames are popular pet memorial gifts as well. These items can feature a vibrant picture of the dearly departed, a poem or another message, and paw prints or other engraved images. There are large frames to hang on walls and small freestanding frames for desks and tabletops.

Whichever frame you choose in remembrance of a special creature, it's sure to bring extra warmth to the owner's home or workplace for a long time to come.

In addition, if you know any children who've lost their pets, you might consider memorial gifts for them. Child-friendly pet loss gifts include an engraved music box or wind chime. (Of course, these gifts are also ideal for adults grieving the loss of a pet.)

For children, you might also select a colorful book that addresses the death of pets in a comforting and sensitive way. For instance, they could read about a dog that's passed away and is now on its way to heaven.

On top of that, a Christmas tree ornament that displays a photo of the animal could be a touching tribute, one the whole family could appreciate.

For more information about these and other beautiful pet memorial gifts, please get in touch with us at any time.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What is a good sympathy gift for loss of pet?

  • Losing a pet can be just as difficult as losing a human loved one, and offering condolences in the form of a thoughtful gift can be a comforting gesture. Here are some more ideas for wholesome pet sympathy gifts:

    • Pet remembrance wind chimes
    • Engravable memorial stone with paw prints
    • Pet memorial picture frame
    • Sympathy music box
    • Personalized pet ornament
    • Pet memory book