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Memorial Christmas Ornaments

Memorial Christmas Ornaments

Choosing how to honor the memory of a loved one at Christmas time can be difficult. An appropriate gift during the holidays would be a memorial Christmas tree ornament. Some people may not even consider giving such a gift as they have conflicting emotions about it. There may be concern that the joyous Christmas season may somehow be muted by the reminder of the deceased loved one among the festive holiday decorations. While such concern is understandable, when consideration is given to the colorful legends of the origin of the Christmas tree and its' decorations, the suitability of a memorial ornament may be better appreciated.

Remembrance Angel - Hold You In Heaven Remembrance Angel - Hold You In Heaven Remembrance Angel - Hold You In Heaven

No one can say for sure where the concept of a Christmas Tree first developed. Some say it is based on the famous Tree of Knowledge in the Garden of Eden. Others point to the use of evergreens in ancient Rome for the holiday of Saturnalia that would end in the final week of December. Another possible explanation for the use of a tree at Christmas is because it represents the wood of the Crucifix. On a similar note, St. Boniface of Germany is said to have endorsed the use of fir trees as their triangular shape reflected that of the Holy Trinity.

Unlike the Christmas tree, the history behind the ornaments that adorn it is slightly less convoluted. German Christians are believed to have started the custom of taking a Christmas tree, which traditionally had been outside, inside their home and decorating it with small baked goods, strings of nuts and paper streamers. Soon, German artisans began creating more ornate decorations that were either carved or blown from glass. The German practice of collecting such treasured family keepsakes at Christmastime is now a tradition for families around the world.

So what does a Christmas tree and the ornaments upon it represent to us today? Many people think that the tree itself reflects our belief that even in the cold and dark seasons of our lives, we rejoice in the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ. The decorations we place upon it, from the antique imported glass blown bulbs passed on from generation to generation to the handmade paper mache star made by a young child, represent our thanks and celebration of God's blessings. A memorial Christmas ornament will be a joyful reminder of God's promise of eternal life.

A memorial ornament, with a picture of the loved one who is spending Christmas in Heaven, or a personalized remembrance ornament will be a welcome addition to any tree. Such a gift will be appreciated, not only when first given but for years afterwards, as it becomes part of a family's Christmas tradition.

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