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Memorial or Memory Garden Ideas

Many people choose to create a memorial garden as a means to honor and remember the life of someone special. It can become an area of quiet meditation and reflection and a source of great comfort.

Deciding on which elements you would like to include within the memory garden will be dependent upon how much space is available. Memorial gardens can be as simple as a few potted plants and accents on an apartment balcony to a more elaborate scale of a backyard garden with water features, trees, and flowers. It can also be an ongoing project where an additional flower or element can be added annually on a date that is significant to the loved one, such as the anniversary of the death, a birthday, or a wedding anniversary.

Memory Garden Ideas:

To personalize the memorial garden, you may opt to include a few of the elements below that have significance to you or your loved one.

Select flowers according to the soil and sun/shade requirements within your planting area. If you are unfamiliar with gardening, ask the local garden shop for suggestions.

You may choose flowers based on names, colors, scents, or the personality of the loved one.

Flowers or plants that may include the name of a loved one:
Sweet William, Iris, Violet, Daisy, Rose, Black Eyed Susan, Ivy, Rosemary, Lily

Flower Color Symbolism:

  • White Purity, innocence, and peace
  • Red Love, romance
  • Pink Gentle, joyful, grace
  • Purple Honor, dignity
  • Yellow Friendship
  • Blue Peace, serenity
Personality Suggestions:
  • If the deceased was a sports fan, you may want to include flower colors of their favorite sports team.
  • In remembrance of your loved one, Forget-Me-Not flowers are an ideal choice for a garden.
  • Bells of Ireland can be incorporated for those of Irish descent
  • For the loss of a newborn or miscarriage, Baby's Breath can be included
  • Wildflowers for the daring personality
  • For the nature lover, include flowers that attract butterflies
  • Red, white, and blue flowers for the military hero or veteran
  • Lounge Chair
  • Garden Bench
Lighting -
  • Solar lights
  • Candles
  • Solar wind chimes
Water Feature
Remembrance Accents -
Garden accents can be the principle mode of personalizing your outdoor space. Incorporate statues, hobbies, or heartfelt verses that are significant to you or your loved one, such as:
Whether the memory garden is able to be seen from a window of the home or quietly tucked away for privacy, this living tribute should be crafted in a way that is most meaningful to you.