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Present A Sympathy Gift From One Heart To Another

At Heart to Heart Sympathy Gifts, we recognize that loss is an inevitable part of life that we must all deal with. For more than 14 years, Heart to Heart Sympathy Gifts has made available a variety of memorial gifts designed to provide comfort to others, pay tribute to those who have passed on, and express their sympathy. Nothing can take away the pain of a loss, but acknowledging the loss and sharing in their grief can lighten the load. The key is to let the grieving know that their loved one is remembered.

Personalized Memorial Gifts

Pay tribute to a loved one with custom engraved gifts of remembrance. Add a special touch by personalizing gifts with names, dates, inscriptions, or a sweet message. Personalized sympathy gifts range from outdoor stones, benches, and wind chimes to indoor decor, such as frames, memory boxes, and lanterns. For a complete selection of gifts available, visit our personalized memorial gifts page.

Bereavement Gifts For Comfort & Remembrance

We offer a large catalog with a diverse selection of bereavement gifts at Heart to Heart Sympathy Gifts. Wind chimes for the nature lover, memorial Christmas ornaments, garden stones, jewelry to be kept close to the heart, garden gifts, and lanterns to be lit to commemorate the life of a loved one, are just a few examples of gifts of remembrance. Memorial keepsakes are ideal for both funeral gifts and Celebration of Life ceremonies.

Help a Grief Stricken Friend or Family Member

Let's face it - a gift will not make the pain of a grieving person go away. What it will do is let them know that they and their loved one are remembered. Nothing need be elaborate. A personalized ornament, card, or gift is a thoughtful and appropriate way to offer your condolences. Consider incorporating a special memory or quote that was meaningful to the person who has passed. Cost should never be a factor, which is why we offer many affordable gift options. Shop our unique collection of memorial gifts. When the cloud lifts and days seem brighter, the gift will be an ever present reminder of your care and compassion.